10 Countries With The Strongest Military Depth

If for any reason, military security is not prioritized in a nation, then truth be told, that nation is not a nice place to hang around, because who knows, you could get abducted with no traces left to track your where about, your goods could disappear into thin air. Crazy stuffs right ? 

However, on the reverse, countries with maximum, air tight security, provided by top rated military personnels, would see more of visits. With that in mind, we can safely say that humans value and prioritize their safety at all times. Truly elected leaders understand this, and so will definitely put into consideration the security of the people they are leading before anything.

Therefore, the true test of a nation’s ability is seen in the vast dexterity and depth of her military sector. While some top-tier nations of the world have taken this to a whole new level, some others are still groping and trying to find their way up as well.

Meanwhile the most likely questions to be asked at this point is;

On what factors is the formidability of a nation’s military dependent ?

Global Firepower (GFP) is the body in charge of ranking countries of the world in their order of military superiority, and it is expressed through the Power Index (PwrIndx). A low power index means a highly impregnable defense while a high power index means a vulnerable defence.

According to this unit of ranking, it is estimated that countries with 0.000 power index are the most sophisticated in terms of military might, however, the ranking body has declared that to be an unrealistic figure to attain by any nation.

This unique grading system considers quite a number of key factors, that cuts across the following: the quantity and capability of military units, financial resources allocated to defence, logistical capabilities, geographical factors, and many more.

However, in the light of this grading system, there is always an overhaul every year, as other nations down the list, topple those high up the list, to take their place. We have seen “small” nations that were never predicted to make it, suddenly break into the list, hence dislodging those already in the list. 

Without further ado, let’s get started right away. Feeling super excited don’t know about you.

Top 10 Countries With The Strongest Military Depth and inteligence

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