The scariest and most Haunted hotels in the world

This Haunted hotels is no fairy tale story, nor is it some mystical folklore coined from some dusty ancient magical book hanging loose on some library shelf. As scary as it sounds, there are places in the world with some abnormal and weird stories that have been dubbed to be as a result of some mysterious activities.

Not just in movies, or some fictional stories, these activities arising from haunted places are real, and have been confirmed by witnesses who have claimed to encounter ghosts of dead people. Why most of these hotels have immediately shut down, as they can’t put up with the incessant alarming and fearful cries arising from people who have lodged in them, others have always been in existence and have never shut down for one day.

This post will look to take a sneaky peep into some of these hotels that have been dubbed with scary and frightening tales that are still functional.

Moreover, the advancement in technology, has made things a whole lot easier, with the installation of CCTV cameras, mounted strategically across most of these hotels, some creepy practices have doubtlessly been caught life on cameras, thereby confirming what eye witnesses have said to be true, while lodging or lobbying in these hotels.

Despite the eerie tales that have sent cold chills running down the spines of all that hear it, many are still inquisitive and curious to finding out if what they have heard is actually true or not true. On that note, these mystery hotels still receive tons of visits annually from people all over the world.

If you are one of such curious and inquisitive fellows, then you might want to see this. Without wasting any further time, let us dig deeper into the business of the day, . Ready ? then let’s jump right in.

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