10 Places on earth where people eat human flesh (cannibalism)

The term given to this practice is known as CANNIBALISM. It is defined as a specie consuming a part or whole of another specie that is of it’s own kind.

While that looks like common practice, among lower animals, fun fact is , humans still practice it across various cultures.

Does that sound impossible, or does it just sound like some movie jargon or plot ? Oh no it shouldn’t sound impossible, or be attributed to movies alone, because right here on earth, CANNIBALISM is practised in some cultures across the globe.

What you may never know is that, these Practices go on unnoticed most times, hence most unsuspecting folks falling victim by visiting such localities with this extreme inhuman practices.

That’s why if you are reading this, you ought to read to the last as we will be uncovering some of these places on earth where humans eat human flesh.

Ready, then let’s jump right in…

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