Countries that Experiences Longer Periods Of Darkness

Can you imagine with me for a second ?

Can you imagine just an hour in total darkness during the day time.

Hmm, I never want to experience that if you ask me, common how do we go about the business of the day without light ?  how will kids at school cope with that ? how about the market women in stores ?

Truthfully, a lot of things will go sour, because it is more of a rare occurrence for people in some parts of the world. However, the shocking truth is that there are locations on the earth that live days, weeks, and months in total darkness. (they get no light from the sun). this is not some fairytale story somewhere, it is a reality on earth.

Maybe you are just getting to find out, or you might have come across this somewhere, whatever the case maybe, you are about to take a journey into discovering for yourself places on earth that people living there have to literally go days without seeing the light from the sun.

In addition to that you’d also get to find out the cause of this phenomena, and also the coping mechanisms that these cities have developed to cope with this uncommon feature. So without further ado, let’s jump straight into it without any delay.

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