#7 Mystery places on earth with zero gravity experience

What is force of gravity ?

The force of gravity is an earth bound force that pulls and attracts objects to the center of the earth as proposed by newton.

The force of gravity ensures that objects on earth don’t float about aimlessly, by constantly exerting it’s influence in keeping us earth bound.

This force does not exist in other planetary bodies like the moon. That is why astronomical activities around them require special equipments otherwise, one can float on them for eternity.

That being said, how then is it possible that, on earth here are locations with weird stories of Zero gravity. Does that mean people float in these places, we will find out soon, don’t go anywhere.

Every one of these locations are mystical in their own ways. Some are characterized by water falls falling in reverse direction, mystery spots etc.

These geographical wonders makes it difficult to offer a 100% accurate explanation to some of these seemingly “abnormallys”. Is it magic or science ? The questions keeps rolling in quick succession. This curiosity to find out has also led many to make visits, conduct researches and generally try to unravel the mystery behind these wonders.

Nevertheless, these geographical wonders are still such a beauty to behold, and most times attracts the highest attention of tourists every year, like who wouldn’t want to find out for himself, who wouldn’t want to see it with his eyes, and believe that it is no folklore or fairy tale.

In this article, we’d walk you through scintillating sites of geographical wonders in our planet earth, ready ?

Let’s go…

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