Scariest places on earth no one has ever visited 

Scariest places on earth no one has ever visited INTRO
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Scientists are known to be vast explorers, touching down on all the nooks and crannies of the earth. But, there are places they have not visited and may not visited. 

Reason is, that could be the end of your life if you dare step foot on those places. Therefore in order to avoid sad news and tales, scientists have mapped out  danger zones to stay away from. 

These places are not good a sight for tourist attraction, or vacation, as they pose such great threats to human survival. Ranging from arid desert lands, to depths beneath sea level under water, creeks and caves, polar regions and more, these places are best described as “no go areas”.  Anyone daring to violate the laws to step foot on these places, is inviting death trust me. 

Fun fact is they are not in Pluto, Venus or Jupiter or some imaginary planets out there, they are right here with us on planet earth. These places are characterised by temperatures far below or way higher than what any normal human can cope with, talk more of conducting an exploration. 

Some others are plagued with dangerous species of creatures that any contact with them is them death. Best advice is to entirely avoid these regions. You might want to check them out right here, below.

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