7 Crazy Nigerian Food combinations to avoid immediately because of ur health

When it comes to matters as sensitive as food ingestion, public opinion and conventional practices shouldn’t be the ultimate guide to follow, reason being that the public can be wrong on a matter, especially if it suits them so well.

Trust me, matters of food combinations will surely be greeted with much resistance from vast majority of the public, if it fights what they have held unto for survival all their years.

Health implication and not popular/public opinion should guide your choices.

Ideally, the essence of various food combinations is to bring the balance diet proportion in whatever way and manner they are combined.

In other words if you must make a combination out of two different meals, then why not be wise in your selections ? The goal is to eat satisfactorily and healthily.

Meanwhile, the agonizing story is that so many have swallowed and are still swallowing what they interpret as “enjoyment”, but on the other hand is actually their most deadly nightmare.

“Aunty, stop that indomie and bread combination for goodness sake, it is not enjoyment, that is murder, haba”.

“Brother what about you, that custard and bread combination you have been taking for the past years, is not helping you but actually killing you”.

Chuckles, I might have disturbed the balances of some people’s food cycle, forgive me please, but the truth has to be told without bias.

We don’t hope to upset anyone, but we just hope to point out the potential damage that a life lived in negligence can bring. Your health is more important than the most delicious delicacies on earth, that’s why we are bringing this world of caution to you at this point.

To a sick man, even the most delicious delicacies can taste like a mouthful of sour soup. Therefore health is more important before enjoyment.

That being said, let’s delve further into what we have for the day. There are rules that guides every food combination. You can’t just combine anything you want and make a food menu from it.

Combinations have to consider Al of the following below:

– Ease of digestion

– Compatibility with the internal organs

– Nutritional value

– Culinary beauty

– Of course budget at hand

It is conventional to hear people give flimsy excuses of not eating well, in some of these lines;

“You don’t know that things are hard in this country”, “everybody should manage the little one they see”, “make belle full first”, “wetin concern me, food na food”.

Lol, funny expressions indeed, but…

Yes you read that right, it doesn’t require you breaking the bank, or closing down your entire life savings account to have a decent meal. With the right wisdom and culinary intelligence you can make for your self and family healthy meals, at little costs.

You don’t even need to be a so called “expert chef“, or a graduate of Food and Nutrition from a top prestigious university to know how to make proper food combinations, just understand the rule of the game and you are good.

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