Countries that Experiences Longer Periods Of Darkness

Causes Of Prolonged Night Hours In Some Places On Earth

Is it some sort of curse or enchantment ?

Chuckles, certainly not, it is not a curse neither is it an enchantment nor a spell, then why is it a repeating occurrence in these locations ? let me explain to you…

Prolonged night periods amongst many causes is primarily caused by what scientists have dubbed “Polar nights”. This phenomenon is experienced by countries located above or near the Arctic circle. This experience is like some sort of vacillations between day time and night time through out the 12 calendar months of the year.

These countries experience continuous daylight in summer, and an even share of continuous night times during winter.

With that being said, let us move onto other factors responsible for causing an unusual prolonged stretch of night time in some places on the earth, aside from geography and seasonal changes. These factors include:

  1. Solar eclipse
  2. Wildfire
  3. Volcanic eruptions
  4. Dust storms
  5. Astronomical activities
  6. Thick cloud covers
  7. Air pollution

While some of these factors are not too common, in most cases their property of shielding sunlight thereby causing darkness is clearly observed.  For instance the volcanic eruption that occurred in Mount Tambora in 1815, led to what was Historians call, “A Year Without Summer”.

Meanwhile, for the sake of this article, our interest will hover around regions near or above the arctic circle that experience longer night spells across the year. Are you ready for this ? then let’s jump right into the business of the day.

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